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Welcome to Tom's Caterham 7 VVC Engine Wiring Loom WIKI

Tom's Wiring Loom

The Main Schematic Page info is based on my Caterham 7 VVC from 1999. It is equipped with a EU2 Rover MEMS ECU. As usual with these things, I started out intending to make a simple wiring document but got a bit carried away and added links and photos of the connectros and made schematics of the under bonnet measurement chains. As found no convention on the pin out numbering (Caterham wiring diagram doesn't match the few connectors that are market at pin 1). I took photos of the back of the connectors and market pin numbers as a schematic.

To be able to contribute to my page, you can register very easy. The System generate and send per eMail the login credentials.

Disclaimer: Although I believe this wiring document to be accurate, I accept no responsibility for damage or personal injury that may be incurred as a result of using information contained on this website.

T. A. White


28 November 2011 (yes I am still alive)

Today I started the old Webpage on In parallel I'm trying to migrate the webpage to a WIKI based platform.

15 January 2008

CAS Waveform Diagram has been updated and improved (mystery of gap position solved thanks Robin).

Was at Emerald in april this year (2008) and have the following mods on my 7:

Ported head (DVA K06a) – Powerspeed 4-2-1 Exhaust — Emerald ECU —Jenveys DTH TB's

Click here to see the Rolling Road results with single 52mm TB (broken line) and with Jenveys.

20 February 2005

CA5 Immobiliser Has now been added

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