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Carbon Filter Solenoid Valve

Where is it?

Tricky one this! But mine is mounted between the bulkhead and rear of cylinder head.

What is it?

The CFSV or purge valve is part of the fuel evaporation control system. The valve is opened to purge the fuel vapours contained in a charcoal canister

What's it for?

In order to cut down fuel vapour emissions, a charcoal canister is connected to the top of the fuel tank which allows fuel vapour to be partially absorbed . When the engine is running and at normal operating temperature (but not at idle), the CFSV is opened by the ECU. Fuel vapour is drawn from the charcoal canister into the inlet plenum and is therefore “burnt off” by the normal engine cycle.

Connector Details

Charcol canister Purge Valve (CFSV)

PIN Colour Function Signal Destination
ECU Switched +12V 0V MFRU Pin 3
ECU controlled Purge (GND Switched) DC ECU(Red) Pin 17

Schema and Signals

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