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Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

Where is it?

Located at top left of the picture in line with the butterfly spindle engine side (black three pin connector).

What is it?

The TPS is a variable resistor, with a wiper which moves with accelerator pedal position. +5 and 0Volts is supplied by the ECU, the wiper output therefore varies inside these two limits.

What's it for?

The ECU uses the TPS for information on the position ie. idle,wide open throttle or high rates of change of the accelerator pedal. Additional fueling will occur under heavy acceleration, on overrun however the fueling will be cut off above 2000RPM. This is gives greater fuel economy but is extremely boring as this restricts the amount of pops and bangs emitting from the exhaust (R300/400/500 don't seem to have this problem!)

Connector Details

PIN Colour Function Signal Destination
ECU Supplied +5V 5VDC ECU(Black) Pin 18
Throttle Pot Wiper Output to ECU DC ECU(Black) Pin 12
Sensor Ground Bus DC ECU(Black) Pin 13

Schema and Signals

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