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VVC Oil Temperature Sensor

Where is it?

Located on the VVC hydraulic unit on the front inlet side of the cylinder head.(brown connector).

What is it?

The VVC Oil Temperature sensor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor (electrical resistance drops with temperature increase). The ECU measures the voltage drop across the VVCOTS to establish the oil temperature entering the VVC mechanism.

What's it for?

By measuring the oil temperature entering the VVC mechanism, the ECU can determine the reaction time. At warm up the oil viscosity changes (oil becomes “thinner” at higher temperature)consequently the VVC response time alters.

Connector Details

VVC Oil Temperature Sensor

PIN Colour Function Signal Destination
Sensor Ground Bus 0V ECU(Black) Pin 13
VVC Oil Temperature to ECU DC ECU(Black) Pin 10

Schema and Signals

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